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Fitting Image Custom Breast Prostheses Limited aspires to enhance the well being and quality of life of breast cancer survivors by assisting them in regaining a positive body image through our custom breast forms.  The company takes a pro-active and innovative approach to dealing with a loss to breast cancer.  We are committed to maintaining client satisfaction and strive to consistently produce the finest products and service.

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Fitting Image offers clients a revolutionary new alternative to reconstructive breast surgery and generic breast forms.  There has long been a need for a breast form that boasts durability, contour fitting and superior staying power.  Originally designed, engineered and refined by a doctor for his wife, this new technology is now made available to clients through Fitting Image.  The unique patent pending silicone foam core is a superior product available to meet the needs of today’s vibrant woman.  Fitting Image is headquartered in the Greater Toronto Area and currently services clients within a 150 kilometer radius.   The company has over 20 years experience in the healthcare sector, with a focus on assisting women with breast cancer for the last 17 years.


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Women who have recovered from breast cancer surgery often face low confidence and self-esteem.  Breast prostheses allow these women to overcome breast cancer, without painful and invasive reconstructive surgery either due to overly sensitive skin or an allergy to anesthetic or polyurethane.  For these women, there is no option other than breast prostheses.

Radiant Impressions prostheses are 50% lighter than others on the market.  The cost of the prosthesis is a fraction of the cost for reconstructive surgery.  This prosthesis is also more durable and comfortable than its competitors.  It is also completely waterproof. 

Fitting Image provides this custom breast prosthesis, which allows women to resume their active lives with confidence.  I highly recommend Fitting Image’s custom breast prosthesis for any woman recovering from a mastectomy.

Dr. Shafiq Qaadri MD
Physician, CME Lecturer, Medical Writer


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Client Laurie Tamblyn's interview on television program Medical Intelligence with Jacqueline Hennesey

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My prosthesis is wonderful.  From the moment I put it on I have become more confident and more accepting of my condition.  I feel I can return to my authentic sense of who I am as an attractive healthy woman.

Thanks to all involved in the creation of such a wonderful product for women suffering from the consequences of Breast Cancer.

Dinah from Fitting Image Custom Breast Prostheses Limited was respectful and supportive and non intrusive.  I especially appreciated the added value of everything being done at my home and at a time that was convenient for me.  The whole experience was positive and freeing.  Thank you.

North York


 A year after I had finished all of my cancer treatment, I met with a plastic surgeon because I hoped to "put myself back together", so-to speak. He informed me, however,  that I was not a candidate for reconstructive surgery.  As well, I did not feel right about having implants in my body.  I have heard about too many cases where women have gotten long-term ill-effects from the implants. Fitting Image became the answer for me and any other breast cancer survivor should continue to value their long-term well-being and opt for this safe, non-invasive and great "restorative".


The other important reason that Fitting Image really "fit" for me was the personalized service that I was given right from my first inquiry, to the continued follow-up and support that Dinah has provided ever since as its representative.  With her nursing background, I felt completely comfortable and very much supported throughout the process.  She is very sensitive to your needs and concerns and does her utmost to make the entire experience a positive and, can I go so far as to say, and enjoyable one too.  Her own family experience with breast cancer makes her the perfect person to work with survivors such as myself. 


I am a jogger and have been for most of my adult life.  Even when I had breast cancer, the required surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, I wanted to continue running.  In fact, I did so, except on the days when the side effects got to be too much. 


I always felt awkward and self-conscious jogging, however, after the mastectomy (until this Spring).  I am quite small-breasted and was told by a salesperson (for a standard breast prostheses) that I "might as well just use a shoulder pad because the prostheses would be so small that I didn't really need to spend the money"!  In fact, I did just that until this past winter. Late last Fall  my mother handed me a newspaper article about Fitting Image that she had read and  I immediately thought that it might be the "best fit" for me. 


Even though I am barely an A-cup, I still want to feel like I am whole again.  The custom prostheses that Fitting Image created for me does just that, especially when I am active--jogging as I do on an almost daily basis.


It literally fits like a glove and once I put my sports bra on, it's the old me, breast, nipple and all!  I feel completely comfortable both physically and psychologically as I run outside with only a t-shirt over  my sports bra and the prostheses.


I never really lamented the loss of my breast because my identity wasn't wrapped up in my breasts, but having this prostheses now does make me feel once more like everyone else-- on the same playing field again, so to speak.


For any woman, small, medium or large-breasted, I can't think of anything better to wear when the real thing is no longer an option. 






About a year ago I experienced a new stage of my life.  I lost a body part.  A time of great confusion and disbelief followed.  Step by step I realized though, that this is the new “normal” from now on and it is time to wake up and deal with it.

The next task was then, replace the missing part.  Ok but how, when, where, who to ask for advice or help or support?  Being winter, I did not find it urgent to look for a replacement yet.  I could help myself with the standard breast form which the hospital provided me; since I am on the smaller size and not into sport activities.

I felt no need to contact others, as I am not really skillful with social contacts, particularly under these circumstances.  Sooner than later I realized that my standard breast form was really letting me down.  It was constantly inching its way higher and higher up, so that I could not really wear any tighter clothing.

 I had to do something about it.  Enough compromise.  I contacted several fitters, but none of them proved helpful or even caring.

Spring arrived,  I could no longer hide my “frontal imbalance”.  Then I contacted Dinah from Fitting Image.  Finally, I was on the right track. Dinah reassured me at every step, and understood MY needs.  What a relief!  The custom breast prosthetic provided me complete comfort and regained confidence!  A bright end to a dark start.