Welcome to Fitting Image!

Our company enables women to regain an active lifestyle after surviving breast cancer.  Most women are not satisfied with their post-operative breast replacement options and are looking for more comfort, confidence and freedom.  For survivors of breast cancer looking to regain a positive body image, Fitting Image Custom Breast Prostheses Limited is a supplier of high quality custom made prostheses that allow clients to regain a feeling of wholeness without suffering the painful invasiveness of reconstructive surgery.  Fitting Image's unique and revolutionary alternative looks and feels amazingly real because it is specifically modeled after the existing breast.

Youíll be surprised how natural the prosthesis looks and this unique duplicate will have you feeling the best you can.  Each client is carefully cast in the comfort of their own home by a trusting professional to fit their exact body contours.  The next step is for the resulting custom form to be fit snugly to the dimensions of your surgery site.  The process is simple and then you are on your way to resuming an active, fulfilling lifestyle.  Enjoy the activities you did before like golfing, dancing, sailing, jogging, swimming or gardening, without having to be conscious of your prosthetic.  Itís proven engineered design ensures that it will stay securely in place.