Fitting Image Custom Breast Prostheses Limited provides a revolutionary new product, which looks and feels real.

The product was developed to provide women overcoming breast cancer with an alternative to traditional generic breast forms.  Our custom forms allow women to regain their feeling of wholeness without suffering the painful invasiveness to reconstructive surgery.

We accommodate all surgeries, Unilateral, Bilateral, Partial Mastectomies and Nipple Replacements for women who require reconstruction. Fitting Image prides itself in being capable of creating a specific prosthetic that meets every need.



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Custom Breast Prosthesis


  • Customized to replicate existing breast and nipple size and colour
  • 50% lighter than other prostheses on the market
  • Breathable and Waterproof
  • 24 skin tones and nipple tones to match


  • Wear your choice of bras or swimsuits
  • The prosthetic does not move with activity and stays securely in place, even while sleeping
  • Modeled to the dimensions and colour of the existing breast and nipple so it is very life-like
  • Additional choice of size in the case of a double mastectomy
  • No surgery is required - a torso cast is made in the privacy of your own home
  • Regain your active lifestyle, golfing, swimming, sailing, dancing, running, tennis and gardening
  • Your trusted healthcare professional will guide you through the entire process



Skin Care Products

A package of skin care products are supplied with each prosthetic.  This package includes six products that help adhere and ensure the integrity of the prosthesis.  Guidelines for use will be provided by your Health Care Professional.